Kristina was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1978. At age 5 she started taking piano lessons, which was the spring of her musical carreer. She later moved to Ukraine with her family, where she continued her piano studies. Eventually she also became interested in organ, and decided to move to Oslo to complete her second higher musical educatioin, studying church music and organ at The Norwegian Academy of Music. She is starting her Post-Graduate in Organ in August 2008.
2008-2009 NMH (The Norwegian Academy of Music) – Post-Graduate in Organ.
2007-2008 NMH (The Norwegian Academy of Music) – 4th year church music and organ
2007 Summer Academy, Vienna – Master-class by Michael Gailit
2006-2007 NMH (The Norwegian Academy of Music) – 3rd year church music and organ
2005-2006 NMH (The Norwegian Academy of Music) – Church music
2001-2002 Tchaikovsky National Music Academy, Kiev – Post-Graduate Major piano (Prof. Igor Rjabov)
1996-2001 Tchaikovsky National Music Academy, Kiev – Major piano
1985-1996 Uspensky Music School for gifted children, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Work experience
2007-2008 Hauketo-Prinsdal church, Oslo – Organist
2005-2006 Several churches in Oslo – Various organist jobs
2004-2005 Lillestrøm Orchestra, Norway - Concert performer, piano
2002-2003 Conservatoire of Ukraine – Chamber ensemble performer / accompagnateur
2001-2002 National Music Organ and Chamber House of Kiev – Chamber ensemble performer
Public performances

(July 11th) Augustinerkirche, Vienna – Organ concert – Bach, Liszt, Duruflé and Reger

2007 Lazaristenkirche, Vienna – Organ concert

Usedom Music Festival, Germany – 4 concerts, solo / chamber


NMH (The Norwegian Academy of Music), Lindemansalen – Organ concert


Røa church, Oslo – Master class by Hans Fagius from Denmark

2006 Sandefjord church – Organ / piano concert
2006 Bragernes church, Drammen – Organ concert
2005 Kongsberg church  – Concert
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